Internet of Things development partner.

We are team of talented expert making the world better using state of the art technology.

Who We Are

Locxtronic Technology was establish in 2012. Now we are carrying a decade of experience.

We have involved in many area of developemnt including electronic hardware, web and mobile app.

Our Values

Deliver elegance solution.

Active Consultation & Communication

It is our responsible to figure out what the client actually want by actively communicate and consult what the best.

Plan With Clear Objective

We believe objective is important as plan. Without clear objective, the plan can be a success journey, but in wrong destination. Well sure, nobody wants that.

Build & Deliver

Building and delivering best product or service to client by implementing good development practise and SOPs. We make sure it will align with client requirement and expectation.


What are we offering?

Electronic Circuit Design & Fabrication

Internet of Things will involve taking data input from sensors, producing output such move a motor or actuator. We can provide design and fabrication service for electronic hardware.

Mobile Application Development

Data collected by the electronic hardware needed to be visualize in many form, therefore we also provide mobile app development service so our client can monitor and control in whole.

Web Application Development

Sometime a bigger dashboard or data visualization require in bigger screen, we provide web application development service so our client can get full control of their IoT ecosystem in a bigger view.


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