Tutorial 1 - Creating new project by using Board Wizard

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Then File > New, the popup window will appear , Choose the Allegro PCB Design XL and ignore all the production option under the selection box.

Another  window will popup, give the drawing name. On the drawing type, choose Board Wizard. Then Click OK.

The Board Wizard will appear, there are several type of setting you need to set. For this first window just push next.

Then it will ask you for the template, but now we not going to use any board template. Make sure the selection is at NO and click next button.

This setting also we not going to use, but for future if you have the tech file or parameter file, you need to load it here. For this time just next.

Here we go, the first most important thing need to do in designing the PCB, setting up your board. Setting up your board may include some parameters need to adjust such as your board length and width, trace width, via size and etc. By using board wizard it will be easy to setup all of that. I hope you understand all the term such as via, package keep in, route keep in and etc. If not, here is the link to understand all that term.

Trace | Via | Package Keep in | Package Keep Out | Route Keep In/Out

First of all, open your PCB Editor:

For this window, it ask you if you have any board symbol. Board symbol is your board outline or shape of your board. If you have the pre-made board shape, then you will need to include the file here. But know, im not going to use it.. Just proceed by click next.

Window will ask you about the general parameter, here you can set your drawing units, set the unit to mils, mils is 1 inch divided by 1000. Then choose the drawing size to A. For board origin use center of the board as your origin so your 0,0 coordinate is at center of the board. See the next button? Push it when done.

Here you need to set your grid spacing and etch layer. The grid spacing can be change later if you fill the spacing is too big or too small. The etch layer also can be add or remove. But for now I just set the grid spacing to 10 mils and layer count is two where you can have the top and bottom layer. Next again.

After you assign the number of layer in your PCB, you need to specify the layer type whether it a plane layer or it a routing layer. Routing layer will allow you to route the trace but the power plane is a plane copper that usually will be the Power or Ground (GND) source. Set for both layer as routing layer and next.

Here some constraint need to be specify. For this tutorial I set all the constraints to 10 mils. We will change it later at constraint manager. For the via padstack, I choose padstack type pad35cir25d. That mean the via pad size is 35 mils and the drill size is 25 mils. So the copper ring is 10 mils. Click next as usual after finish entering all the value.

Now choose the board shape. For sure it is more easy to use rectangular shape. So choose the rectangular and click next.

On this window you need to specify the value of board width, height, package keep in, route keep in and also corner cutoff. The board size is depend on your project size, number of component and layer count. If you have limited space for routing that maybe cause of your number of component is high, so you need larger board size. Else you can increase your number of layer. For package keep in also is depend on your project, maybe you need some space at side of your board for mechanical support. So you need to set what is the size at side of your board that should be spare. For more explanation click on the link. So let focus on our current step. If you have nothing need to consider about the value, just follow my value on the picture. Next.

Last, just click next and finish. Then it should looks like in picture below. That all to start new design by using board wizard.

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